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Cherry Pie racers

Monday, Febuary 20, 2017facebook


Tour of Napa Valley

August 20, 2017


Karma Kits!

karma kit

Have you heard about Karma Kits? They are self-sustaining five gallon buckets filled with all the necessities a cyclist or hiker might need to get home safely. The "karma" part is this: if you take anything from the bucket, you bring the same thing back later. For more information and locations, click here.

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The Eagle Cycling Club provides cyclists with a variety of riding experiences. Our members can be seen on the road, in the hills, on tandems, on recumbents and often pulling kids in trailers. We help the community by promoting safe bicycle riding, supporting the Napa County Bicycle Advisory Committee, Napa County Bicycle Coalition and sponsoring an Adopt a Highway cleanup section on Silverado Trail.


Tour of Napa Valley Photos!!


Photocrazy posted over 6000 photos this year. Check them out at www.photocrazy.com to see and order your photos. Be sure to note the time you passsed the camera.


members 2015


It has been 100 years since the last group photo was taken of the Eagle Cycling Club. On August 9, 2015, members gathered to take a new photo!

Click here for a larger view!


Club News


Next Club Meeting: - Monday Feb 13th at 7:00 pm at Downtown Joes

Check out the January newsletter for more information and to see what the club has been involved in!




Click Here to report road problems to Napa Public Works!!


Reporting problems puts the City on notice that there is a problem, and creates a record of the report. This enhances the chances of any legal action taken as the result of injury resulting from the reported, but not fixed problem. City of Napa logoThe City (and the County) freely admit that they are responsive, rather than pro-active. In other words, they don't go out looking for things to fix. They don't fix anything until someone complains about it. If there are no complaints, they assume everything is just fine. If something needs to be fixed, let them know. Be the squeaky wheel!